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Today I was roaming cemeteries in Lowell, Ma yet again. Of course, one can’t  roam Lowell cemeteries without going to THE Lowell Cemetery. On top of that, on can’t go to the Lowell Cemetery without (more…)


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Last Spring I was introduced to the legend of “Witch Bonney” who resides in the Lowell Cemetery in Lowell, Ma. If you go to see her, you will find all sorts of offerings and remnants of candles burned at her feet. There are often coins, flowers, prayer beads, stones and more given to her. I have heard of a story of a woman who took some beads from the grave and had nothing but bad luck and actually brought them back to end the “curse” of those who disrespect her.

The fact is, Clara Bonney Lilley was a married woman who is buried at her father’s (Bonney) plot along with her husband and mother. There is no evidence that she was a witch, although the “story” is that she was a witch that was hung during the witch trials, and she supposedly said before she died that she was going to come back an kill the family members of the people that condemned her. It goes on to say that she is buried with a list of last names of the people who killed her and when her dress falls below her breasts those family members with those last names will die. FACT: Clara died in the 1800’s, not 1600’s.

It is said that one day she will be reborn in the hollow of a tree. Scoff if you wish, but then one notices an odd thing if you frequent the cemetery. Workers there are careful to cut down any trees that are showing age and could be home to her resurrection. Are they believers or just not taking the chance? Supposedly there have been some odd EMF readings at the site as well.

There is also a story of a “guardian” or “protector” of Witch Bonney that you can find by looking where she looks. It is believed that this is the grave she looks to:




So, if you happen into this beautiful cemetery, be sure to say “Hello” to Witch Bonney and her brave lion for me.


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